July 2007

I hate it when I get a song stuck in my head and I can’t even remember the name of the song?

I want a search engine that searches for songs. But I don’t want to search by name or artist. I want to be able to hum a melody and have a search engine find songs that are similar.

Wow. There’s a site that does this already according to the link below.
(I promise you I don’t just search for odd things and then write about them. I really have wanted this for quite some time and just got around to writing about it today.)
It just goes to show you that “there’s nothing new under the sun.”


The site is: http://hsearch.nayio.com/ I’m going to try it now.

UPDATE: Sadly, it seems to be unavailable. The site loads. It even will record and play back my audio input, but just gives an odd error when I try to search. There’s no way for me to even debug it since it’s an activeX control :(.

Maybe they fell prey to one of my reasons it wouldn’t work. That the RIAA would come after them for recording their users trying to sound like other songs. They would probably need to pay royalties :).


I have a hard time remembering anything.
I’ve noticed that the only things that I check with any regularity are my email, my RSS feeds, and Pownce.

Because of that I’ve taken to sending myself emails for things that I need to do. I also leave emails marked as “unread” to remind me to do something. The problem with that is that my inbox gets so cluttered with “tasks” masquerading as emails that I miss important emails or my response is delayed.

To solve these problems I propose the following online application:

  • You enter your tasks on the site and can define frequency, reminder time/type, description, etc. etc.
  • Manage friends making it a social network around tasks (not really necessary but everything has to have a social network to be cool these days :))
  • Reminders are key for me so there has to be a way to set reminders to send me an email, or add an RSS entry into the feed so I see it in my reader.

I liked this idea so much I even started writing it. I spent a limit time considering the data structure and “wasted” untold hours trying to install Visual Studio 2005, but that’s a topic for a different blog.

Tonight before I got back into writing the app I decided to do a search for similar businesses to see if there was anything I could learn (of course I didn’t expect to learn anything given my vast amount of existing knowledge :))

www.simplespark.com is a great search engine when looking for new companies.
In this case it turns out that there are several companies doing precisely what I described above!

Once again giving me a good blog post instead of a great business idea.

In case you are wondering www.rememberTheMilk.com and www.beeplet.com apparently do what I’m talking about. However, it does look like beeplet is having issues at the moment. I can’t get to their site. remember the milk looks like a very cool site. I’ll have to see if it can help me remember stuff.

UPDATE: I just tried adding a weekly reminder to update my blog. It let me do that and even gave me a link. I am super bummed though that RSS was NOT one of the options for reminder. IM was, and email was. For now I have it set to send me email. I’ve come full circle, but now I’ve completely lost interest in writing my own. I guess I’ll just have to hope beeplet comes back online (or do another search for the dozens of copycats that I’m certain are available.