My wife was mentioning that she wished she could make a quick stop on the way home, but with two kids in car seats, the prospect of getting them out and into any store is not “quick”. Some stores such as Fred Meyer provide a child care service where you can drop off your kids while you shop. That’s great for medium to long trips, but I think they should expand their service to accomodate the run in, run out stop.

  In the old days, you’d just lock the car and go quick, but with horror stories like this casino parking lot or this university parking lot I feel guilty refilling my soda mug while the kids are in the car.

  That led me to Valet Babysitting. You would pull up to the store, perhaps a specific set of parking spaces which would indicate your desire for the extra service. A qualified childcare professional would meet you at your car, hand you a 2-way radio for use in emergency, and take a seat in your car. You go into the store for a short trip, and the babysitter makes sure your kids are safe. If it was enough of a draw they wouldn’t even have to charge for it, but I know many a mommy that wouldn’t mind having a mark-up on their purchase based on how long they had taken in the store.