Large headphones sound good, but they also draw a lot of power. That’s why iPod’s have those small earbuds. Even though the sound quality isn’t as good, you put up with it, because driving larger headphones would drain the batteries too quickly.

  Some of the smaller headphones go deep into your ear to block out the sound.

  I figure why keep trying to imitate the real thing. Why not just shake the eardrum itself directly instead of a speaker which then shakes the eardrum. Why not wire up a headphone jack directly to your eardrum?

   Off the top of my head I can think of a few good reasons 🙂

  1) It sounds easy to go overboard and damage your hearing (of course that’s a good argument for not using headphones of any kind)
  2) If they change the format or connectors you may need surgery to keep up

Actually, those reasons aren’t that awful. I’m talking myself back into this being a good idea :). I’m not sure I’d sign up immediately, but I’d give it some thought.

  3) what if your headphones get pulled out of your ears, and it’s connected to your eardrum. Ouch! (maybe Apple can come up with some magnetic release like their power cords.)
  4) Lightning strikes could be deadly.