I love USB devices. Maybe I’m just enamored by hardware because I’m a “software guy” and don’t understand how it works. I love the Optimus mini three keyboard (although I’ve never used one). I saw a mention over on Hansleman’s blog. Too bad it’s $159 :(. 

  Not all USB devices are as cool as that. I’ve seen USB fans, USB aquariums & USB coffee warmers (actually the USB aquarium is kinda cool although I wish it were more realistic). People have even compiled entire lists of Pointless USB Gadgets.

  I happen to think that an interactive head would go into the way cool USB pile of USB gadgets. It could have a camera embedded into it as well as a small speaker. That would allow it to be hooked up to IM or skype. I would get visual feedback as well as audio. I think that would provide a much richer experience for the user. I thought this flower pot (that perks up when your buddy comes on IM) was USB, but apparently it’s wireless. That would be even cooler, but probably increase the cost significantly. The interactive head is basically an extension of the flower pot. Not only would the head “wake up” when my buddy came online, but my friends could speak to me vicariously through the head.