Sitting around a table this evening (playing a game of Nuclear War) Ken, Samuel and I were discussing Second Life “great ideas”. They both enjoy hunting so after I convinced Samuel that the logging industry wasn’t likely to make a big splash in Second Life the topic turned to Second Life Hunting.

  If a person had enough land in Second Life they could create animals that would run away from people (but stay on the property). Then people could be charged to hunt. People pay large sums of money in RL (Real Life) to go on safaris. They would likely be willing to pay a small fee in SL for a similar experience. The fee could be based on time hunting, or could be based on per kill. Larger prices for less populated (and smarter) animals.

  After a person has killed an animal they could opt for a small fee to have the animal mounted, thus another Second Life occupation, Second Life Taxidermy. Along with the stuffed animal, they could have a certificate of authenticity that showed date/time of kill as well as location and various other hunt details.

  I did a quick google and was surprised to find no mentions of anything like this. Of course I haven’t spent enough time in SL to know for sure, but it sounds like the most promising SL great idea yet. Way to go Samuel and Ken!